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  本文摘要:KOBE BRYANT 科比·布莱恩特曼巴out已三年有余,曾经的NBA第一人究竟是有多大的魅力吸引着每一位篮球喜好者,究竟是有多大的能耐可以让斯台普斯中心的MVP之声响彻天地,今天就带你看看10年前巅峰状态的科比。Overview 综述除了篮球之神以外,分位上最牛的人。


KOBE BRYANT 科比·布莱恩特曼巴out已三年有余,曾经的NBA第一人究竟是有多大的魅力吸引着每一位篮球喜好者,究竟是有多大的能耐可以让斯台普斯中心的MVP之声响彻天地,今天就带你看看10年前巅峰状态的科比。Overview 综述除了篮球之神以外,分位上最牛的人。

A surefire Hall of Famer who is arguably the best player in basketball today. Son of former NBA player Joe Bryant. Unreal work ethic, intensity, and competitive spirit. Has all the physical tools necessary to dominate a game athletically.他是今世篮坛第一人,未来稳进名人堂。前NBA球员乔·布莱恩特的儿子。

匪夷所思的事情热情、强度和求胜心态。拥有主宰角逐所必须的一切身体条件。surefire/'ʃɔ'faɪə/ adj. 一定乐成的Jumps out of the gym, shows a good first step, and is incredibly strong. Not only a physical specimen, but a master of one-on-one offensive skills. Handles the ball extremely well for a shooting guard. Capable of setting up his teammates. Can beat his man off the dribble consistently.惊人的弹跳、快速的第一步,而且很是强壮。


能够不停地持球过掉他的对手。teammate/'tiːmmeɪt/ n. 队友,同队队员Phenomenal mid-range game. Unstoppable when hot. Has become one of the League’s best defensive players as he’s progressed. Capable of playing lock down defense when it counts.现象级此外中距离能力,手感火热时险些无人能挡。

随着他的进步,他已经成为同盟中防守最好的球员之一。关键需要的时候能打出封杀对手级此外防守。Phenomenal /fɪ'nɒmɪn(ə)l/ adj. 现象的;显著的;异常的;Conditioning is legendary. Developed quickly after landing with the Lakers out of Lower Merion HS. Won every award imaginable as a prep. Teamed with Shaquille O’Neal to win NBA Championships in 2000, 2001, and 2002. Still trying to recapture that success. Saw his charismatic image take numerous hits due to internal disputes in Los Angeles and legal issues. No longer as marketable, but still one of the top players.训练量是传奇级此外。




不再那么有市场影响力,但仍然是一个顶级球员。charismatic/kærɪz'mætɪk/ adj. 超凡魅力的;神赐能力的Offense 进攻精英级此外天赋,破晓四点的勤奋,打造出了无与伦比的武器库,足以让他摧毁任何一位对手。One of the most prolific offensive players ever. Makes shots from everywhere. Gets about a third of his offensive one-on-one, with fast breaks, pick and rolls, spot ups, and post ups accounting for another tenth each. Very efficient scorer. Fantastic shooting stroke. Can make shots frequently without his feet set and falling away. Equally consistent off the dribble.史上最全面的进攻球员之一。



同样稳定的运球。prolific/prə'lɪfɪk/ adj. 多产的;富厚的Great catch and shoot player.Tremendous finisher at the rim. Seems to hang in the air for days before putting the ball up. Gets to the free throw line at a great rate, and converts between 80-85% once there. Possibly the best in the league at creating his own shot. Knows how to use fakes to get open looks from the midrange in.伟大的接球投篮球员,伟大的篮下终结者。


知道如何在中距离的规模使用假行动来获得投篮时机。Tremendous/trɪ'mendəs/ adj. 极大的,庞大的;惊人的;极好的Almost impossible to stop one-on-one. Great ball handler, going either left or right. Has no trouble running the point and getting in the lane. Very good passer as well. Creates shot for his teammates with ease, thanks to his terrific feel for the game.一对一,险些无人可挡。


轻松地为队友缔造投篮时机,这要谢谢他对角逐的精彩感受。handler/'hændlə/ n. 处置惩罚者;治理者;Dominant in almost every aspect of the game. Takes over when it counts. Can will his team to victory. Ridiculous killer instinct. At times takes too much upon himself and freezes teammates out. Doesn’t always know his limitations. Shot-selection isn’t always the best.险些全方位统治角逐。在关键时刻可以接受角逐,领导团队走向胜利。恐怖的杀手本能。


投篮选择并不总是最好的。Ridiculous/rɪ'dɪkjʊləs/ adj. 可笑的;谬妄的Will settle for some extremely difficult attempts, particularly from beyond the arc, which hurts his 3-point percentages. Has been criticized for being overly dominant and a bit selfish at times, but has learned to involve his teammates more consistently as career went on.满足于一些高难度投篮的实验,特别是在三分线之外,这会影响他的3分球掷中率。一直被品评过于强势,有时另有些自私,但随着职业生涯的生长,他学会了和谐地与队友相处。

percentage/pə'sentɪdʒ/ n. 百分比;百分率,百分数Defense 防守真正攻防一体的超级巨星。Easily the best perimeter defender on the Los Angeles roster. Absolutely great when he wants to be. Will get in his mans jersey, stay low, and move his feet to make his man give the ball up. Shows very good lateral quickness and the ability to hawk the ball.轻而易举成为洛杉矶球队中最好的外线防守球员。

当他想防守的时候,无疑是超强的。贴身防对手,重心压低,移动脚步这些足以让他防守的球员放弃进攻。体现出很好的横向速度和对有球人防守的能力。perimeter defendern. 外线防守者Possesses enough strength to defend his man in the post as well. Displays great timing and anticipation when shooting into passing lanes for deflections. Will look to block shots when he sees his teammates get beat. Rebounds at a high rate. Excellent across the board.也有足够的气力在低位防守对手。

当投篮偏向发生变化的时候,体现出良好的时机掌握和预判的能力。当他看到他的队友被挣脱的时候,他会努力实验盖帽,有很高的篮板率,尤其是在篮板四周。deflection/dɪ'flekʃ(ə)n/ n.偏向;挠曲;偏差Enjoy the Process感恩,我们在一起,做优美的事物素材:Lone Wolf 素材审核:21Terrence翻译:Lone Wolf 校对:Alex编辑:Alex 治理人员:Enba福利篮球英文堂,资助大家一边看篮球,一边学英语。

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